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DEI Strategy & ESG Consulting 

Tigress DEI & ESG specialists work hand-in-hand in building and communicating bespoke value-creating strategies across both public and private markets. Tigress is committed to helping you transform business outcomes to drive measurable and sustainable impact.

The public’s heightened expectations for companies have dovetailed with the growing interest of investors in environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, which include diversity and inclusion (D&I). 

Tigress is an authentically mission-driven firm and in that respect we are absolutely committed to helping organizations achieve their unique ESG and DEI objectives. We stand ready to help clients like you, best communicate your ESG and DEI commitment and progress, increase employee engagement, manage associated risk, and ensure your efforts are achieving your goals — while also improving your reputation and performance, as well as gaining greater interest from investors.

Mission-Driven PRE-IPO Advisory Services 

The past decade has taught us that along with the traditional methods that markets use to judge IPO candidates, companies on the bench to go public today must address in a transparent way the increased interest in their environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies and metrics. Simply put, the need to be ESG driven is a business imperative.

Why ESG Strategies Matter in the Pre IPO Stage:  

·         Focusing on ESG can attract the interest of key investors 
·         It can help make your company’s IPO more competitive 
·         It can help establish credibility for ESG and, in turn, help build your reputation 
·         Demonstrating sustainability is more important than ever. 

In today’s rapidly expanding and transparent ESG environment, institutional investors can no longer afford to have Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as mere talking points. Rather, they are committed to analyzing, measuring and prioritizing DEI ensuring important metrics are elevated and approached with the same rigor as other business priorities.

Embedding ESG objectives into a company's post-IPO strategy can pay off with esnuring the health and competitiveness of a company, while at the same time driving increased stakeholder interest and long-term value creation.  

Let Tigress help you launch your critical DEI & ESG journey before your IPO.

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