We can create:
Data and Information customizable to meet
our clients' needs.
Published Research Reports

We publish actionable investment information based on our fundamental analysis of the quantitative data mined from our proprietary database.

  • Company Reports: Investment ratings and in-depth, quantitatively driven analysis of a company's economic profitability, intrinsic value and return potential on over 3,000 stocks updated on a daily basis.
  • Focus Opportunity Reports: A more detailed qualitative analysis of a highlighted opportunity.
  • Focus Opportunity List: An opportunistic selection of "Best Ideas".
  • Best Buys List (Gold Mines): Our list of stocks with low relative value, growing economic profit and greatest return potential.
  • Action Sell List (Land Mines): Companies with deteriorating economic fundamentals, negative accounting divergences, red flags and other risks.
  • Sector / Industry Reports: Sector and Industry highlights and weighting recommendations. Produced weekly.
  • Market View: An aggregated report of key data measuring overall US stock market relative value and opportunity level. Produced weekly.
  • Special Studies and Analysis: We can produce customized research, studies and analysis for our clients on a project basis.

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